Friday, October 2, 2009


My Life is a 2004 autobiography written by former President of the United States Bill Clinton, who left office on January 20, 2001. The book was published by the Knopf Publishing Group; the book sold in excess of 2,250,000 copies. He had received what was at the time the world's highest book advance fee, believed to have been worth US$12 million; at the announcement of media personality Oprah Winfrey's future weight loss book, it was said that her undisclosed advance fee had broken this record.[1] In April 2008, the Clintons' tax records confirmed that the advance for My Life was actually $15 million.[2]

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


a highly controversial book written by explosive writer taslima naasren. the book was banned in west bengal under pressure from muslim fundamentalist groups. here is my little effort to preserve the freedom of expression the download link is given below:


Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!": Adventures of a Curious Character is an edited collection of reminiscences by the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman. The book, released in 1985, covers a variety of instances in Feynman's life. Some are lighthearted in tone, such as his fascination with safe-cracking, fondness for topless bars, and ventures into art and samba music. Others cover more serious material, including his work on the Manhattan Project (during which his first wife Arline Greenbaum died of tuberculosis) and his critique of the science education system in Brazil.

The anecdotes were edited from taped conversations that Feynman had with his close friend and drumming partner Ralph Leighton. Its surprise success led to a sequel entitled What Do You Care What Other People Think?, also taken from Leighton's taped conversations. Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! sold more than 500,000 copies.[citation needed]

The title derives from a woman's response at Princeton University when, after she asked the newly-arrived Feynman if he wanted cream or lemon in his tea, he requested both (absent-mindedly forgetting that they would curdle).



Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog),[1] published in 1889, is a humorous account by Jerome K. Jerome of a boating holiday on the Thames between Kingston and Oxford.

The book was initially intended to be a serious travel guide,[2] with accounts of local history along the route, but the humorous elements took over to the point where the serious and somewhat sentimental passages seem a distraction to the comic novel. One of the most praised things about Three Men in a Boat is how undated it appears to modern readers, the jokes seem fresh and witty even today.[3]

The three men are based on Jerome himself (the narrator J.) and two real-life friends, George Wingrave (who went on to become a senior manager in Barclays Bank) and Carl Hentschel (the founder of a London printing business, called Harris in the book), with whom he often took boating trips.[2] The dog, Montmorency, is entirely fictional,[2] but "as Jerome admits, developed out of that area of inner consciousness which, in all Englishmen, contains an element of the dog."[3] The trip is a typical boating holiday of the time in a Thames camping skiff.[4] This is just after commercial boat traffic on the Upper Thames had died out, replaced by the 1880s craze for boating as a leisure activity.

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I, Robot is a collection of nine science fiction short stories by Isaac Asimov, first published by Gnome Press in 1950 in an edition of 5,000 copies. The stories originally appeared in the American magazines Super Science Stories and Astounding Science Fiction between 1940 and 1950. The stories are woven together as Dr. Susan Calvin tells them to a reporter (the narrator) in the 21st century. Though the stories can be read separately, they share a theme of the interaction of humans, robots and morality, and when combined they tell a larger story of Asimov's fictional history of robotics.

Several of the stories feature the character of Dr. Susan Calvin, chief robopsychologist at U.S. Robots and Mechanical Men, Inc., the major manufacturer of robots. Upon their publication in this collection, Asimov wrote a framing sequence presenting the stories as Calvin's reminiscences during an interview with her about her life's work, chiefly concerned with aberrant behaviour of robots, and the use of "robopsychology" to sort them out. The book also contains the short story in which Asimov's famous Three Laws of Robotics first appear. Other characters that appear in these short stories are Powell and Donovan, a field-testing team which locates flaws in USRMM's prototype models.

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bhablam tomader kichu kaje lagi... ati amr songoher kichu ebooj tule dilam sudhu tomader jonnyo

1. catch 22.

Catch-22 is a satirical, historical novel by the American author Joseph Heller, first published in 1961. The novel, set during the later stages of World War II from 1943 onwards, is frequently cited as one of the great literary works of the twentieth century.[2] It has a distinctive non-chronological style where events are described from different characters' points of view and out of sequence so that the time line develops along with the plot.

The novel follows Yossarian, a U.S. Army Air Forces B-25 bombardier, and a number of other characters. Most events occur while the airmen of the fictional Fighting 256th (or "two to the fighting eighth power") Squadron are based on the island of Pianosa, in the Mediterranean Sea west of Italy.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


ajke amar mon ta bhalo nei thik. amader sobar priyo neta, amader sobar dada subhash da ar nei, amader chhere chole gechen. tai ajker blog ta subhasda'r jonnyoi...

subhash da ba subhash chokroborty.... a much hated and much loved figure, a giant among the dwarfs of bengal politics. ami bodhoi sei dolei pori jara take sarajibon sudhu admire korechi.. amake onekei jiggesh koreche keno?? he is a criminal, corrupt person still wy do y admire him so much??

may b because i saw myself in him... a person who stands up for his values, who says eaxctly what he thinks, no hipocracy, no double standard, and who will do whetevr he can for the needy but will never ask for favours... but sadly these qualities are perhaps a bit outdated today.thts why hundreds hate him today but its also the rsn fr whch millions love him as their own brother, their father, their beloved leader !!! subhasda.. tumi chole gyeo aj dekhie die gele j manuser neta hote gele manus kei bhalobaste hoi.. ma- mati- manus bole chitkar korlei neta hoa jai na... aj tomar jonnyo lokhho manuser dhol setai sobar samne proman kore dye geche .

he was a man of marx, one of the few cerebral leadres, one of the rare breed of mass leaders on whose call lakhs will come out. he nEver distinguishd between a party member and a non party member. and above all he was dada to all....... from young supporters like us to the veterans, to all he was the man friday, the man who will help you even if none will !!

today i remember those few moments i once had with him.. very few moments but i remember them clearly.. it was in class 11, i was in a funtion where i met him. he said a few wrds to me .let me quote him verbatim
he said " dakho baba, tomra hole bhalo chhatro, kintu jibone jekhanei jeo nijer baba ma r nijer desh k bhulo na "

this was subhash da!!! r ki bolbo


Sunday, August 2, 2009

bhalobasa naki bondhutto?

aj ami onekdin pore abar kolom dhorlam. nana ."mon amor" bhaloi ache. tao likhi.. obhyas jai na mole !!

dakho amader sobar jobonei kichu kichu prosno thake jegulor jobab amra bodhhoi amader sara jobon dhorei khuje jai, keu jobab khuje pai , keu pai na . amakeo ekta prosno r barbar mukhomukhi hote hoeche....setai ami aj tmader kache nye jete chai. jante chai tomader motmot ki e byapare !! hoito tomrao amr motoi ei eki prosner samne porecho !!

bolte paro jibone kar mulya beshi... bhalobasa naki bondhutto??
k tomar kache age?? achha ekta situation bhaba jak...
jodi tomar sobtheke bhalo bondhu kei tumi bhalobaso, r se jodi tomai bhalo na base tahole ki korbe??? tar bondhutto naki bhalobasa konta tomar kache beshi dami?? konta k tumi scarifice korte parbe??

khub i unfair question tai na??? e jeno baba r ma r modhye choice korte bola !! kintu he amar bondhu, jibon j khub i unfair, o konodin o fair play award pabe na !!

amr life e amake barbar ei prosner samne darate hoeche. barbar. r ami prottekbar eki dicision nyechi, ami bondhutto k age rekhechi amar bhalobasa k pichone. kno?? jani na. hoito ejonnyoi j bhalobasa thake na, bondhutto theke jai. tumi ki bolo bondhu???

hoito bristi ami na ba holam
kintu megh hoe bristir sathe bhese to jete parbo !!
at least niche darye matha uchu kore oke bhese jete to dekhte hobe naa .

tomader uttor chaiiiii... tomader ki motamot??
happy friendship day te tomader sokol ke dilam amar bondhutter upohar !!

Friday, July 17, 2009

confession of an athiest.

hello god,

how do you do?? bhalo acho?
obak hochho na?? amr chithi peye?? bhabcho j chheleta amake manei na se abr ajke amake dake keno??

bolchi bolchi....

jano ami eksomoy tomake khub mene choltam. tomar hoito kajer chap e mone nei, but amar mone ache... ami aj porjonto tomar kache kichuichai ni nijer jonnyo... ekbar i kichu cheyechilam.. ekta pran cheyechilam.. seta bodhoi tomar hisaber khatai thik mele ni.tai tumi amake dao ni... sedin thekei tumi amar kache oi abstract algebra r motoi abstract.. bastobe jar kono value nei.

tahole aj ki holo re baba??!!!

ajke ami tomar kache ekta confession korbo. sunbe to tumi?? sobai bole tumi naki sobar onnyai khhoma kore dao.. parle amakeo khhoma kore dio....

bolte paro god? keno tumi amake barbar ei porikhhai fele dao??
jekhane amake decide korte hoi barebare bhalobasa naki attosomman?? bondhutyo naki amar jiboner mulyobodh?? keno ??keno?? keno??

ajkeo amake tumi abar eki kaj korale?? ajke ami or sathe sob somporko chhere dilam, hoito sara jiboner moto ami oke haralam... o ar fire asbe na hoito konodin o.. kintu keno o erokom korlo?? jano ki tumi? bolbe amake bujhie?? ami aj tomar samne darie achi.. amr bibek ar tumi r keu na !!! bolo na amake plz .. ektibar bolo j o erkm ta kore ni, plz plz plz bolo amake, jodi mithya hoi tao bolo... hasi pachhe na tomar?? ami sara jibon sottir kotha bolechi ar aj?? ha aj ami sunte chai etai.. jodi mithya hoi setai sunte chai.. tobuo tumi bolo amake ekbar bolo j o eta kore ni ??!!!

bhogoban.. tomar deshe ki arektu khani jaiga ache?? tahole amake dako na?? taratari kore dakbe?? ami r parchi na.. r keu na januk tumi to jano ami ki bhabe beche achi.. ar ajke? jeta korar age ami nijer hat ta kete felte partam, setai tumi amake dye korale?? kiser jonnyo?

keno? keno? keno??

ha ami ajke oporadh korechi.. tumi jodi amake paro tahole khhoma kore dio.. r ektu daya korbe? amake deke nao.
ami r parbo na. j alotar jonnyo ami beche thaktam take to ami nijer hatei nivie dyechi. ami sara jibon bachte cheyechilam... aj r chaina.. sotti bolchi chaina.chaina. chaina... plz plz amake deke nao bhogoban plz

asha kori tumi amr dak sunbe. sunbe to?? konodin o sono ni. aj ekbar suno. tumi dekho r ami tomai dakbo na. ekbar sono.sudhu ekbar... ekbar..


tomar i ek oporadhi chhele

punoscho: arekta kotha bolbo? o jekhanei thak oke bhalo rekho, o bhalo thak, amake bhule jak, amar bhage tomar jetuku ashirbad chilo seta okei dye dio.. etukui bolbo sudhu

Thursday, July 16, 2009

bristi- dhoa

bhalobasa holo ciggeratte er motoi
sudhu pure jaoa buk ta theke jai
ure jai sukher dhoa

hothat ei dhoa-sha? jano to ami ajke prothom smoke korlam. seta keno likhchi?? bolchi.

ciggeratte khete khete khub bhalo lagchilo jano !! khuuub bhalo lagchilo, jokhon ure jaoa dhoatar dike takie chilam tokhon mone hochilo jodi jiboner dukhho guloi erkm bhabe ure jeto !! jodi ichhegulo o erkm bhabe dana mele ure jete parto.. jete parto oi swopenr deshe...............
sono amra ki sobai,
swopno dekhte parina?

khub baje .. jata lyrics.. kissu hobe na. kintu amake aj dhoatei peyeche.. tai dhoasha hobe.. kichu korar nei.

ami bhebechilam onek kichui but eta bhabi ni j jibon ta boro bastab, ekhane romanticism er dhoa nei, ache kothin realityr agun... tai to dhoa ta ure jai, buk ta pure jai... roye jai chhai... swopner obosesh !!!
ta besh ta besh, kintu....
bristi- dhoa keno??
karon ei dhoa to bristir i.... ei dhoa ure jabe megher deshe.. amar bhalobasa nye, nye jabe amr buker agun .. nye jabe bristir kache,jodi bristi abar ase ei dhoa dekhe??!!

aj thke onek din age jokhho megh k dya bhalobasa pathyechilo, aj din bodleche, tai megher jaiga nebe amar buker chitar jola dhoa.... nye jabe oiiii dureee, bohudureeeee.. jekhane ache amar bristi....................

o ki asbe??? jodi ase dhoa nive jabe na tahole?? etai bodhoi jiboner ultimate paradox !!!!

abar dhoasha.. sorry guys !!

Monday, July 13, 2009

dhar kora chinta bhavna !!!

ami kothao ekta kobita porechilam. seta amar eto bhalo legechilo j ki bolbo. jeno amr moner kothaguloi keu likhche. tai setai ekhane tule dilam.. ekekbare word to word. eirkm open tokatukir jonnyo age theke khhoma cheye nilam, but ei kobitar krititto amake noi, sei onama lekhok er prapyo.. ami sudhu tar sristi k tomader samne tule dilam....

nahoi ami cholei jabo onek khani dur
tobu moner majhe bajbe naki
badhon chherar sur?
sei surete sur milie
ichhegulo dei j hana
bondho ghore kedei more
dana tader milte mana !!

nahoi ami obujh khub i chaoa paoar khelai,
tai ki bose hisab kosi
ekla bikelbelai?
sonaronger bikelgulo
ekhon sudhui holud lage;
jhora pata, bheja rumal
tai ki mone jage??

nahoi ami nai ba holam norom alor bhor;
tai bole ki neiko kothao
ektukhani jor?
j jorete chaichi ajo
akre dhorte hat.....
sesh na hoe berei chole
amar dirghotoro rat.

nahoi ami bolei choli, kichui hoito bujhis na;
sudhu bristi hoe jhorbo jokhon....
aral khujis na !!!

abaro bolchi e kobitar bindumatro krititto amr noi, ami sudhu arekjoner chinta tomader sathe tule dhorechi... karon eta amr chintar i protifolon bole mone hoeche. eta ethical noi, kintu kono kono somoy bodhoi ei boundary gulo k thik moto mene chola jai na. e jonnyo abaro khhoma cheye nichhi.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

haoa bodol

ekta feedback pachhi ei blog er elkha nye j ekhane sob lekhai pessimistic ba onekta eki sader.. tai eta change korar onurodh asche. kintu e lekha to banano kichu na ekebare khaati moner kotha, etake to banano jai na. tobuo pathok chhara ki lekhoker kono ostitto thake??? tai pathokdr onurodh mathai rekhei ebr ektu onno sader lekhar try korlam... ba bola bhalo bhabar chesta korlam

ajke amr kotha na, tomader bolbo amr jiboner koeakta obhiggota... hoito tomader bhalo lagbe. egulo amr jibon k khub i influence koreche..

1. bhalobasa naki just crush?
amr dui bondhu r bandhobi chilo, tara eke opor k khub i bhalobasto, onek diner relationship chilo..umm prai 4 yrs. kintu meyetir caste chilo celetar theke nichu. tai cheler bari theke kono din o ei relation ta mene nei ni. ora dujon dujon k j khub i bhalobasto seta ami khub bhalo jani. kintu ki holo jano?? dujone dujon k onek obhijog korlo seshe, dujonei bollo opor joner choritro kharap !! seshe oder somporko tai bhenge gelo. chheleta khub i brilliant student chilo; or career ta ekebarei sesh hoe gelo; meyetao khub bhalo student chilo, or result o khub kharap holo ebong suicide attempt korlo... onekdin pore or sathe br amr dekha sedin... o amai bollo o naki ajk bojhe or relation ta chilo CRUSH !!!!






Thursday, July 9, 2009

BRISTI tor jonnyo.....

ei blog ta amr lekhar kotha chilo na . mejaj kharap na hole amar abar likhete ichhe kore na... but ki korbo ?? bristi'r onurodh....
ajek bristi hochhe abar
thik sei rater i moto
rupam geyeche na??? tai ajke abar likhchi...
ajke golpo ta ekjon k dedicate korlam .... ummm dhora jak tar nam bristi, kemon?

jhor chole gelo. roye gelo oi ayala r pore sundorbon. bujhe nao. monoer sensor ta ebar sotorko besh.... jhor dekhlei palabe. ekbar besh haoa dite suru korlo ... dyechilam to bera ta besh sokto korei kintu etuku haoatei norbor kore uthlo.. bujhlam bhit ekhono sokto noi. kintu haoa pore gelo. bujhlam. janlam. bikelar haoa k jhor bole bhul korechi... bhalo kotha bacha gelo baba. ebar bhalo kore nouka chalano jak !!!!!!!!!
kintu oi j bole na--- man proposes , god disposes serkm darie gelo byaparta.abar eeshan kon kalo kore elo,biduyt jhoke uthlo...
guru guru oi ase oi oti bheirob horoshe

buuk kepe uthlo abaar... na bhoy e na, stobdho protikhhai.. dekhi ebar pale haoa lage kina naki abro pal jabe chhire??ebar bristi namlo... bhijlam abr.. notun kore dekhlam jibontake arekbar.. takie dekhalam abar ramdhonur rong, dekhlam gacher patai bristir jol... jeno chokher joler ekfota mukto, kintu ei jol ebar hasche; r kadche na... dekhlam sundor k
kach theke.................................... [ekhono dekhchi]

swopno puri te besh bhaloi chilam/achi
ami chai na bastob
ami chai swopno
ki hobe bastob nye????
jekhane bastob ta morubhumi sekhane jodi swopne ektukro morudyan dekhi seta ki kharap?? tui i bol bristi?? seta ki onnyai??

ami bachte chai re...
bristike buke nye bachte chai... bol amake tui chole jabi na to amake fele???
ami dar baite baite klanto aj, ebar bodhoi ghat badhar somoy hoe elo... jodi ghat na pai tahole nouka tai dubie debo.... at least tateo paoa jabe sei bohu protikhhito santi, bishram . tokhon abr swopno dekhbo, ghumie.. sudhu e ghum r bhangbe na.. e swopno o r bhangate parbe na keu i.. emonki bristi tui o na,,
sekhane toke amar kach theke keu kere nite parbe na keuuuu naaaa....... sudhu ami r tui...!! chirodin !!!
ki moja

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


dekhte dekhte aj ekushta borsa katie dilam e prithibi te.... pichol rastai onekbar i porechi, besh legeche... kintu bhogoban er ki aschoryo sristi manus.. o abar uthe darai.. kokhono peyeche haat kokhono paini... kintu thak se kotha

aj ekush bochore, jouboner darjai darie ekbar pichon fire dekhte vari ichhe kore... dekhte ichhe kore ki pelam ki pai ni... jiboner daripallai na paoar pallatai j beshi bhari hoe thakbe tate r sondeho ki??? kintu sotti i pai ni ki kichu.... paini ki amr bondhuder jader chhara ami osompurno?? pai ni ki amr family k jader jonnyo ami aaj ami?? pai ni jibone safolyo?? tahole dukhho ta kiser???????

dukhho ta j onek... oi dur bohudur akashe ure chola bazpakhir motoi ami ajo eka... eka eka poth chola tai...
ajke ami chai amr haat dhorar moto ekta haat ...
ami chai matha rekhe kadbar moto ekta kadh....
ami chai monkharap er dine amar mathai haat bulie debar moto ekta haat.....
ami chai amar bipoder somoy e amake sokto haate nya jaoar moto ekta haat....
ami chai amar sob kosto bhulie debar moto ekta voice....
ami chai abar jhor e bhese jete....
ami chai abar pagla haoar sathe uddam hote....
ami chai abr bristite bhijte.....
ami chai abar bhalobaste...
tomake sudhu tomake chai ami ..... tumi asbe amar kache???

anyway onek blogor blogor korlam.... happy(???) birthday to u... kothar kotha r ki

Monday, June 22, 2009


ager lekha ta bangla font e lekhai oneke dekhte pai ni. tai tader request e arekbar likhchi eta... ebar english horofe..
aponmonei moner moto songi khuje berachilam. proyojon er prosno obantor. hasikhusi thakatai bhalo thaka tokhon; kannar tatporjo bujhi na , othocho eke oprer poripurak.chokh bujlei swopno dekhi kintu tar rong acge kina ta kheyal kore dekhini. alpo golpetei khusi tokhon,chhonder dorakar bodh korini. kalbaishakhi dekhechi sudhu feel korini. tagore er kobita porechi, onudhabon korini. tai din kate diner moto , ami amar moto...... hothat...

hothat jhor uthlo. akash kalo kore aseni, stobdho opekhhao chilo na. tobuo se elo.
sei jhoro haoai matal ami haslam, kadte sikhlam. dhulo chilo na jhore, tobuo amr charidik dhaka porlo guro guro bhalo lagai. du hat choria sei guro makhte makhte bujhlam.... bhalobaste sikhechi. posla posla bristi namlo. e jiboner prothom borsone bhijlam pran bhore...

eksomoy jhor bollo.."cholo"
.....ami bollam obaak hoe
"kothao ekta"

tarpor cholte cholte onekta poth peria elam. tokhon"uthali pathali amr buk, amar monete nai sukh". tai tar nam dilam "dukhhojagania". tar duchokh beye bristi nablo, tobuo chokhe lege hasi. sei bristite bhijlam... bhijte bhijte swopno elo, swopno dekhar duhsahos o elo. tarpor ekdin....
ekfali chader aloi take bollam...
"amar jhor"
"ami to sobar"..hastehaste bollo se
"tumi amar hobe??"

nimeshe jhor santo holo."ebar j amar ferar pala"... hasimukhe bollo se. dekhlam amar bohudiner chena jhor daira amar samne, kintu onno ek rupe; se ekhon santo, sitol. jhor k haranor bhoy e bollam " tomarsathe thakte thakte amio j aj jhoro haoa, e matal haoa ami eka ki kore samlai???"
omni dekhlam.. amar bohudiner chena jhor abar fire elo.. amar chul elemelo kore dya bollo hese "pagol chele, eka abr ki??? ami to achi... hoito jhor hoe noi, onno konobhabe, onno konokhane"

ami roilam opekhhai tomar.. abar kobe tumi asbe.. abar kobe mete uthbo domka ek haoai, abar tomar sathe bhijte bhijte jabo eksathe "kothao ekta".


Sunday, June 21, 2009

font problem

ar banglai likhbo na bhabchi. sobai k request j browser e java and greasemonkey enabled kore nao. nahole bangla lekha dekhte pabe na

Thursday, June 18, 2009

swopno??!!... keno??

iskul er choukath ta peria...
prothom colleger din....
fele asa otit rrrrrr..
hazar swopno rongin....

ki chena chena lage?? lagar i kotha... ebar suru sottikerer golpo... jhor to chole gelo.. roye gelam ami.. sei j k jeno bolechilo na "bhalo basa holo cigerrater motoi, dhoa hoe ure jai sudhu chhai tuku i pore thake"... sei rokom i roilam , swopno dekha suru korlam kintu dekha thamar kaida to amake bole ni se.. to ajo dekhi swopno, ami ajo achi thakbo opekhhai....

achha bolte paro manus bache kiser jonnyo?? petbhore khaoa naki dumutho taka naki megher fake ektukro roder ashai???
"r jodi rod na othe?? tokhon parbe to nijer buker agun dya nijeke ushno kore rakhte???"

sei j bosonto bilap e soumitra geyechilo na-"legeche legeche agun".. serokomi r ki... ki kore nivbe?? tato jani na.... egun sudhu nije kei jalai... tap dai na tap nei.. eke nevate pare arekta jhor... pare ektukhni bristi.. kintu...

hai re mon amor abr swopno dekhe.. ore pagol chele kno tui bujhis na swopno sotti hoi na bolei eta swopno.

tobuo tobuo tobuo.............

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

a for apple, b for bal, c for canna (naki kanna??) part 1

amader 3 musketeer der k,

baje title tai na???? galagali..chi chi chi Mr.Ray... seshe ei odhopoton???? "odhopoton to chirokajl nichei hoi sir, k r kobe upore poreche bolun??"
iskul theke colege(banan er ja hal keno j ami pass korte partam na bhalo kore ekhon bujhi)... ki rokom laf dya dingulo kete jai.. eta k jodi long jump dhora hoi tahole ami olympic e prize petei pari...
sei dewaar cinemai amitav bachhan er pawruti churi kore dourate dourate boro hoe jaoar motoi jeno boro hoe gelam...
ekdin bikele ekta jhoro haoa ese amar kane kane bollo, "tumi r choto na, tumi boro hoe gecho, cholo amar sathe"
koto sopnoi na dekhchi e dintar jonnyo.. j din ami swadhin.. jokhon amake keu bokbe na.. kintu aj chola surur pore majhkhane ese mone hochhe jeno.
durr chhai,
ami abar amar chhototbela fire chai
oti joghnyo kobita sondeho nai, kintu amar tik etai mone hoi. ki korbo bolo dekhi?? mon j kobita abar bhalo bojhe ne. o nijer kheyale i bhabe.sref ultopalta bokchi tai na.. kono manei hoi na. jata ekebare... sunte pachhis re subho??? era ki bole???
kodin dhore tor kotha khub mone pore re.. kothai achis? kemon achis tao jani but jani na sudhu etai j abar konodin dekha hobe kina.. miss kori re sedin gulo khub miss kori.. pashapashi 10 bochor katano eksathe bose..janis raktim ekhon abar porasuno korche?? dekhli kemon good news dilam. amader 3 musketeers der sobai ajke chitea gechi re.. sei sorotchondro er dotta golper 3 bondhur motoi.. tai nare? amarao kasam kheyechilam mission er gachtolai bose amra mone rakhbo eke oporke..kothai se kasam.. bodoler haoai setao ure geche, roye geche sudhu sriti tuku, r tai sombol...sunechi tui prem korchis besh.. bhalo re chalia jao guru.. amar sathe ekbar alap koria dis bhabir. ekhono ki tiffin nya maramari koris?? mone hoi na, sei bondhuder i r kothai pabi r hoito tui nijeo onek bodle gechis. tobe jai hok re, ei din gulo bhulis na re e tukui request roilo... ei sundor swornali sondhyai
e ki bondhone jorale go bondhu

likhe to dilum jani nalyrics tao thik kina... bhul boka r lekhar habit ta amar r jabe na

buro k mone pore?

p.s. samagat ta roga hoe geche onek
mrigankor mathai ekhono morubhumi
a k c ekhono tyara
chadda ekhono hedugiri chalachhe
bhobonath ekhono lal ache
pancho bhai ekhon bhodro hoe geche
ei to sobbar khobor dya dilum

sotti kothar diary-- suru theke suru

prem e porle loke koto kichui na kore.. amio kori, sei dhakkatei ekhon amar blog lekha suru. dekha jak dhakka ta kotodur samlate pari....

tobe eta thik j
ami boro eka.. hoito akasher bazpakhi k ekai urte hoi etai tar bhobitobyo. tai ajo ekush bochor poreo amar bondhu amr boi, amar kagoj ar amar pen. ami likhte bhalo pari na, tai moner modhye kilbil kora chinta guloke hoito sajia guchia likhteo parbo na.. nijogune khoma kore deben.
e diary r nam dilum sotti kothar diary. karo jodi aghat lage ami khhoma chaichi kintu ekhane naok ami, villain ami but naika ami hole probem ache. tai kahini te naika rao asbe.wait.